A 2nd grade teacher named Tiroui Melkonian has agreed to be interviewed via e-mail questions! According to Ms. Melkonian, her schooling was in Soviet Armenia and she graduated from high school just as the Soviet Era was ending. She and her family moved to California right afterwards.

Some pertinent background information/context:

  • On August 23, 1991, Armenia became one of the first republics to declare independence from the Soviet Union.
  • The state of Armenia was fully recognized and re-established on September 21, 1991.

Armenia is currently in the process of turning over a new leaf.

According to the Centre for World Dialogue, some of the top priorities on its agenda:

  • Developing a strategy to boost its economy (and tackle corruption)
  • Increasing the employment rate
  • Engaging Armenians living worldwide to help rebuild Armenia

Ms. Melkonian says so much has changed politically, socially and economically in the past 20 years that she doesn’t know that she would be a good source, but I still think she would make an excellent interviewee. She has seen where the country has been. She understands where Armenia is in terms of its stability as it transitions to independence. She understands where her current students’ parents may be coming from. She sees students now and can hopefully offer me some insight about the unique qualities they will bring to a traditional public classroom.

I have sent her a series of questions and look forward to getting a response.

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